Artist's Statement of Purpose







I am a painter. My subjects, styles, and media vary, because my creative urge resists being packaged into a niche. In truth, my art consists of several "niches" and any one of them could be expanded upon.  

I paint what I see.  Landscapes and interiors inspire me as subjects; however, I am equally moved by the inner landscapes of my imagination.

My training is in traditional oil painting, although I have a feel for watercolor, and I have begun to use acrylics for my studies. I have developed an interest in mixed media and collage in my imaginative designs.

When I paint from nature, I prefer to paint on location. When that is not possible, I use my own photographs for information.

In my imaginative works I often look at and make reference to historic works of art. I also use images that have come to me through dreams.

I believe the goal in the production of fine art is to create an image of beauty. I am not sure why anyone would want to look at anything less. The image should compel the viewer, through the elements of design and the skillful use of the media, to look at it deeply and often. A good work of art will reveal something new and/or pleasing with each serious encounter.

Painting landscapes is a meditation. When I focus my eye on select details of distance, I not only travel to what I see, but I am infused with it. In this way I become of a piece with my subject.

My designs are dream-work that tells me something about myself and the world from a mythical, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual perspective. When I perceive the world, I instinctively see pattern and symmetry, no matter the subject. The urge to reproduce what I see is an urge to order my world; so really, my landscapes and cityscapes are akin to the mandala designs. This urge to arrange my world in the perfect order is what lends continuity to my work.

My hope is that what I produce will inspire in the viewer a feeling of calm and a sense of place to which s/he is a necessary component. As for it being an image of beauty - well, that is for the viewer to decide.