Jeri Lynn Ross
Fine Art

P.O. Box 593
Wimberley, Texas 78676








Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Fleming, Jr., Houston, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Wilson, Lebanon, Tennessee.
Mr. Marvin Marshall, Farb Investments, Houston, Texas. (Commission)
Ms. Connie Hoffacker, Houston, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Simon, Jr., Houston, Texas. (Commissioned work for the benefit of the Chocolate Bayou Theater Company.)
Mr. John Harlan, Houston, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Malley, London, England.
Dr. Michael R. Hyman, Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Pickett, Vancouver, Washington.
Ms. Sandra Zimmerman, Austin, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Buchanon, Wimberley, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGee, Wimberley, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. David Williams, Wimberley, Texas.
Ms. Linda S. Bingham, Wimberley, Texas. (Reproduced as cover art on her novel All Roads Lead Home.)
Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, Wimberley, Texas.
Ms. Janet Benedict, Baltimore, Maryland.
Mr. Mark Bursiel, Wimberley, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Furtick, Wimberley, Texas.
Ms. Julie Shearn, Houston, Texas.
Ms. Gay Koen, Wimberley, Texas.
Ms. Mary Webb, Archer City, Texas. (Commissioned series.)
M. et Mme. Jacques Chauvelier, Villiers sur Loire, France.
Sr. Antonio Fernández Martín, Alcal
á de Henares, Spain.