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Why not buy original fine art?







Walk into any Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or even Gardenridge Pottery and Wal-Mart, and you will be overwhelmed by rows and rows of things to hang on your empty walls and fill your surface spaces. If this doesn't bother you, perhaps you
might find yourself imagining how a manufactured bit of molded plastic, paint, and cloth assembled in a foreign land would look above the mantel. Reasonable minds may or may not be inspired by the out-sourcing and mass-production of pseudo-art, but one thing is certain: buying those imports in the United States will insure that thousands of talented American artists will have to work retail jobs selling mass-produced art, rather than producing their own, original art.

Do you think that original art is so expensive that collecting it would be simply out of the question? Do you believe that only the wealthy may enjoy fine art's creativity, originality, playfulness, and skillful execution? Are you convinced that fine art and domestic elegance is
sheer luxury?

Like most boundaries and distinctions of old, the notion of art-
collecting being only for the wealthy is on the way out. With Internet sites for art and artists proliferating, really good art is easy to find and is affordable. Painting-a-day websites offer small works, done quickly, that the artists can price reasonably because less time is involved in their creation. Without the middle man, there is not the mark-up for the dealer--patrons are getting the product wholesale. A small budget and some careful Internet research allows people of average means the opportunity to collect works that will not only enhance their environment, but may appreciate in value.

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How you live and your aesthetic environment contribute to your quality of life on a daily basis. How you feel about coming home to your own four walls can affect your outlook on life, as well as your health. You deserve something better than make-do, and now fine quality original art is within reach.

A minimal budget can help you redesign your domestic world into a refuge of sophistication and elegance. Your ingenuity can turn your home into your own work of art. The best place to start, though, is with the artwork. It is much harder to find just the right painting to go in a finished room than to refurbish a room to set off the painting; however, one must find a work of art that stimulates and means something to the owner, something that is more than decorative.

For more information on creating simple elegance at home with original art contact me.