Stages of Development


Boudoir Triptych_01.jpg Boudoir Triptych_02.jpg Boudoir Triptych_03.jpg

Boudoir Triptych1
24 X 48
oil and turpentine

outline with brush
34 kB

Boudoir Triptych2
24 kB

Boudoir Triptych3
31 kB

Boudoir Triptych_04.jpg Boudoir Triptych_05.jpg Boudoir Triptych_06.jpg
Boudoir Triptych4
24 X 48
thin paint &
turpentine wash

37 kB

Boudoir Triptych5
34 kB

Boudoir Triptych6
31 kB

Boudoir Triptych_07.jpg Boudoir Triptych_08.jpg Boudoir Triptych_09.jpg
Boudoir Triptych7
24 X 48
paint on walls and floor

begin using W & N Artisan
water-based oils
34 kB

Boudoir Triptych8
31 kB

Boudoir Triptych9
31 kB

Boudoir Triptych_10.jpg Boudoir Triptych_11.jpg Boudoir Triptych_12.jpg
Boudoir Triptych10
more walls + frames,
side tables, secretary,
& chest

33 kB

Boudoir Triptych11...
28 kB

Boudoir Triptych12
26 kB

Boudoir Triptych_a.jpg Boudoir Triptych_b.jpg Boudoir Triptych_c.jpg
Boudoir Triptych
Phase I

88 kB

Boudoir Triptych
Phase II

99 kB

Boudoir Triptych
Phase III

376 kB

Boudoir Triptych_d 001.jpg
Boudoir Triptych
Phase IV

382 kB

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