Painted Lady

Jeri Lynn Ross
Fine Art

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Wimberley, Texas 78676

The Venus of Willendorf







The Venus of Willendorf, sometimes referred to as the Woman of Willendorf, is a 25,000 year old artifact, a small stone carving of a female figure. It was found in Austria, near the village of Willendorf. The figurine is on display in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

In 2001, the summer before the 9/11 catastrophe, I traveled to Vienna with my husband, Dr. Robert Skipper. I had always been impressed by this tiny little bit of history, and so we made certain to see it while we were there. The museum was very unassuming, more like the attic of a giant villa. As we were not supervised, we were able to use our camera and obtain a photograph of the object.

The image I use as an icon of my art business is a photograph we took, combined with my own digital strokes of color. Hence the name, Painted Lady. It is not available as a separate work of art but is here
merely as a personal symbol of my interest in antiquity, mythology, and psychology.